ScheduleControl in Windows Forms Scheduler (Schedule)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

It is a User Control that provides the basic scheduling functionality.


Name Description
Appearance Gets or sets the ScheduleAppearance object that controls the visual aspects of the ScheduleControl.
Calendar Gets the navigation calendar.
CaptionPanel Gets the caption panel that holds the caption above the calendar.
DataSource Gets or sets the data source for the ScheduleControl.
EnableAlerts Indicates whether alerts should be raised as the appointment time approaches or not.
NavigationPanel Gets the navigation panel.
ScheduleType Gets or sets whether a daily, weekly or monthly schedule is displayed or not.


Name Description
AddControlToNavigationPanel Adds the specified control to the navigation panel underneath the navigation calendar.
AddSpanAppointment Adds a multi day span appointment to a data provider.
PerformNewItemClick Displays a dialog box allowing you to add an item.
PerformDeleteItemClick Displays a dialog box allowing you to delete an item.
PerformEditItemClick Displays a dialog box allowing you to edit an item.
PerformSwitchToScheduleViewTypeClick Switches the display to the specified ScheduleView type.


Name Description
ItemChanged Notifies when an appointment is modified.
ScheduleAppointmentClick Occurs when an item is clicked or double-clicked.
ScheduleGridCreated Lets you either use a derived ScheduleGridControl or subscribe to the events on the ScheduleGridControl.

Caption panel

Displays a caption on the top of the ScheduleControl. The two buttons on this panel will navigate the schedule forward and backward.

It is a panel where you can place additional controls and make them appear adjacent to the ScheduleControl.

A GridControl-derived object displays multiple calendars lets you select particular dates or data ranges to be displayed in the ScheduleControl.


Name Description
CalendarGrid Gets the grid control to display the calendars.
DateValue Gets or sets the date value for the navigation calendar.
SelectedDates Gets the dates selected in the navigation calendar.
ShowWeekNumbers Indicates whether the week numbers should be displayed in the calendars or not.
Today Gets or sets the DateTime value for the current day.


Name Description
FirstDayOfMonth Returns the date of the first day of the month of the passed-in date.
MondayBeforeDate Returns the Monday before the given date.
SundayAfterDate Returns the Sunday after the given date.


Name Description
DateValueChanged Occurs when NavigationCalendar.DateValue property is changed.