RadioButtonAdv Settings in Windows Forms Radio Button (RadioButtonAdv)

29 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the various states of the RadioButtonAdv control and the method of associating values with the states.

RadioButtonAdv states

The RadioButtonAdv can be displayed in two different states which have been described below.

RadioButtonAdv Property Description
Checked Gets / sets the check state of the RadioButton.
this.radioButtonAdv1.Checked = true;
Me.radioButtonAdv1.Checked = True

Windows forms RadioButtonAdv shows various states

RadioButtonAdv values

This section discusses how values can be associated with the various check states.

Both integer and string values can be associated with the check states as follows.

RadioButtonAdv Properties Description
CheckedInt Specifies the integer value when checked.
CheckedString Specifies the string value when checked.
UncheckedInt Specifies the integer value when Unchecked.
UncheckedString Specifies the string value when Unchecked.
IntValue Gets / sets checked RadioButtonAdv in current container according to the TabIndex.
this.radioButtonAdv1.CheckedInt = 3;
this.radioButtonAdv1.CheckedString = "RadioButtonAdv is Checked";
this.radioButtonAdv1.UncheckedInt = 3;
this.radioButtonAdv1.UncheckedString = "RadioButtonAdv is Unchecked";
this.radioButtonAdv1.IntValue = 5;
Me.radioButtonAdv1.CheckedInt = 3
Me.radioButtonAdv1.CheckedString = "RadioButtonAdv is Checked"
Me.radioButtonAdv1.UncheckedInt = 3
Me.radioButtonAdv1.UncheckedString = "RadioButtonAdv is Unchecked"
Me.radioButtonAdv1.IntValue = 5