Windows Forms Pivot Chart Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The pivot chart control for Windows Forms is a lightweight control that reads pivot information and visualizes it in graphical format with the ability to drill up and down. It is easy to use, and includes common chart types ranging from line charts to specialized charts. The pivot chart control is a visually stunning charting component that provides a perfect solution for developers to add advanced, rich, and visually appealing charts to their applications with pivotal data.

Key features

The important features of pivot chart control are listed below:

  • Data binding: Supports populating the pivot chart with data sources such as IEnumerable list or data table.
  • Drill support: Enables navigating through inner levels of a particular element in the row axis.
  • Pivot table field list: Provides a built-in pivot schema designer very similar to Microsoft Excel.
  • Grouping bar: Provides an interactive support for grouping the data in the pivot chart.
  • Legend: Helps to differentiate between chart series using a color code along with labels to indicate that it applies to information from series 1, series 2, and so on.
  • Customization: Provides customization options for each and every unit of pivot chart such as chart area, series, and legend.
  • Exporting: Allows you to export the pivot chart control into Excel format.
  • Printing: Allows you to print the pivot chart control.
  • Zooming and scrolling: Provides an interactive support to zoom into an area of the chart so that the data can be viewed more clearly.