Customization Settings in Windows Forms Color Picker DropDown

25 May 20211 minute to read

ColorPickerButton displays the ColorUIControl as its dropdown. ColorPickerButton has properties to customize the ColorUIControl. Refer the User Guide for ColorUIControl. The size for the dropdown, i.e, ColorUIControl can be set using ColorUISize property.

this.colorPickerButton1.ColorUISize = new System.Drawing.Size(250, 280);
Me.colorPickerButton1.ColorUISize = New System.Drawing.Size(250, 280)

Windows Forms ColorPickerButton showing the dropdown

ColorPicker Appearance

The appearance and behavior of the ColorPickerButton can be controlled using the below properties.

ColorPickerButton Properties Description
SelectedAsBackColor Specifies whether the SelectedColor is set as the button backcolor.
SelectedAsText Specifies whether the SelectedColor is set as the button text value.
this.colorPickerButton1.SelectedAsBackcolor = true;
this.colorPickerButton1.SelectedAsText = true;
Me.colorPickerButton1.SelectedAsBackcolor = True
Me.colorPickerButton1.SelectedAsText = True

Windows Forms ColorPickerButton showing selected color as in control text

Visual Style

The ColorPickerButton control supports visual style such as Office2016White,Office2016Black,Office2016DarkGray,Office2016Colorful,Default and Metro. This style can be set using Appearance property.

this.colorPickerButton1.Appearance = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ButtonAppearance.Colorful;
Me.colorPickerButton1.Appearance = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.ButtonAppearance.Colorful;

Windows Forms ColorPickerButton showing style of Office2016Colorful

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