Windows Forms GridDataBoundGrid(Classic) Overview

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

The GridDataBoundGrid is a bound grid to display data from the binding source. The GridDataBoundGrid has built-in support to bind any type of data source to the grid. It can be customized at cell level as the GridControl. The GridDataBoundGrid control supports sorting, frozen rows and columns, Excel-like formulas, covered cells, various cell-control types, clipboard operations, zooming cells, and hidden rows and columns.

Key features

  • Data binding: Supports populating data from any kind of data source.
  • Sorting: supports sorting the data based on ascending or descending order.
  • Styling: Extensively supports customizing the cell styles of grid.
  • Clipboard support: Essential Grid provides excellent clipboard support to copy and paste the grid cell content to text or any format.
  • Selection: Supports selecting a particular range of cell, rows, columns, and table of the grid.
  • Editing: Interactively supports editing with different column types.
  • Validation: Supports validating the cell while editing.
  • Undo or Redo: Supports keep tracking all the operations done.
  • Covered cells: Supports covering multiple cells.
  • Merge cells: Supports merging adjacent cells with same values.
  • Formula support: Supports the algebraic expressions using formulas and cell references.
  • Drag and drop: Essential Grid lets you drag any column and drop it at any position in the grid. This allows columns to be repositioned as required.
  • Zooming: Supports zooming the grid content at cell level.
  • Touch support: Completely supports resizing, dragging and dropping a column, etc. in touch devices.