Card View Layout in Windows Forms GridDataBoundGrid(Classic)

26 Apr 20212 minutes to read

The card view displays records as separate cards arranged in a grid-like layout. It is implemented similar to binding GridDataBoundGrid control to GridCardView object.

Tables for Properties, Methods, and Events

CaptionField Sets or gets caption of each card. Users can set a column name to this. string string
CardStyle Applies a card model such as standard, merged, variable, or compressed styles. CardStyle enum
VisualStyle Applies the visual style of the cards in the grid. The new GridVisualStyles are applied to this. CardVisualStyle enum
CardSpacingWidth Gets or sets the width of the spacing between each card. int int
CardSpacingHeight Gets or sets the height of the spacing between each card. int int
MaxCardCols Gets or sets the maximum number of cards in the column area. MaxCardRows will be automatically calculated. int int
MaxCardRows Gets or sets the maximum number of cards in the row area. MaxCardCol will be automatically calculated if it is not set. int int
ShowCaption Shows or hides the caption of each card. bool bool
ShowCardCellBorders Shows or hides the cell borders. bool bool
AllowResizing Allows or prevents the card resizing. bool bool
CaptionHeight Gets or sets the height of the caption row. bool bool
ActivateCurrentCellBehavior Specifies current cell activation behavior when moving the current cell or clicking inside a cell. GridCellActivateAction enum
HighlightActiveCard Gets or sets the highlight of the active card. bool bool
WireGrid Gets the GridDataBoundGrid and changes it to Card View Style. GridDataBoundGrid boundGrid Method void
UnWireGrid Unhooks all the events hooked in the WireGrid() method. N/A Method Void
IsActiveCard Indicates the state of the card if active. rowIndex, ColIndex Method bool
IsHeaderCell Indicates if the cell is a header column cell. rowIndex, ColIndex Method bool
IsRecordCell Indicates if the cell is a record cell. rowIndex,colIndex. Method bool
IsValueCell Indicates if the cell is a value cell. rowIndex,colIndex. Method bool
IsCardCaption Indicates if the cell is a caption cell. rowIndex,colIndex. Method bool
GetCardCellTypeGetCardCellType Specifies the type of the card cell. rowIndex,colIndex. Method CardCellType
QueryCardCellInfo Occurs when the card model queries for style information about a specific cell. public QueryCardCellInfoEventArgs(GridQueryCellInfoEventArgs e, GridCardView cardView) Event
CellClick Occurs when the user clicks inside a cell. public CardCellClickEventArgs(GridCellClickEventArgs e, GridCardView cardView) Event
SaveCardCellInfo Occurs when the card model is about to save style information about a specific cell. public SaveCardCellInfoEventArgs(GridSaveCellInfoEventArgs e, GridCardView cardView) Event
PushButtonClick Occurs when the user clicks a push button. public CardCellPushButtonClickEventArgs(GridCellPushButtonClickEventArgs e, GridCardView cardView) Event


**_\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio\[Version Number]\Windows\GridDataBound.Windows\Samples\Product Showcase\Card View Demo_**

Enable the Card View Layout

The following code is used to enable card view layout in GridDataBoundGrid control.

GridCardView card = new GridCardView();
card.CaptionField = "ProductName";
Private card As New GridCardView()
card.CaptionField = "ProductName"