Performance in JQuery Chart widget

14 Aug 20173 minutes to read

  • When there are large number of points to load, you can enable canvas rendering mode in chart. Canvas rendering is faster than SVG because it does not involve manipulating DOM elements as much as SVG rendering.
  • $("#container").ejChart({
                //  ...
                //Enable Canvas rendering mode
                enableCanvasRendering: true,         
                // ...

    Click here to view the online demo sample that shows Chart performance with 100,000 data points.

    • Instead of enabling data markers and labels when there are large number of data points, you can use trackball and tooltip to view point information.

    Lazy Loading

    Lazy loading feature provides an effective way for loading data on demand by scrolling and viewing a smaller range of data from a larger collection.

  • $("#container").ejChart({
                      scrollbarSettings: {
                                  // enable the scrollbar
                                  visible: true,  
                                  // enable the resize option 
                                  canResize: true,
                                  range: {
                                           min: 2009/1/1,
                                           max: 2014/1/1
                // . . .