Flow layout in Flutter PDF

10 Oct 20223 minutes to read

The Syncfusion Flutter PDF supports creating a PDF document with flow model by maintaining the position of previously drawn element.

Flow model using PdfLayoutResult

The following code snippet explains how to create a PDF document with image, paragraph text, header text, and a table using flow model with the help of PdfLayoutResult.

  • DART
  • //Create a new PDF document
    PdfDocument document = PdfDocument();
    //Add a page to the document
    PdfPage page = document.pages.add();
    //Draw image on the page in the specified location and with required size
        Rect.fromLTWH(150, 30, 200, 100));
    //Load the paragraph text into PdfTextElement with standard font
    PdfTextElement textElement = PdfTextElement(
            'Adventure Works Cycles, the fictitious company on which the AdventureWorks sample databases are based, is a large, multinational manufacturing company. The company manufactures and sells metal and composite bicycles to North American, European and Asian commercial markets. While its base operation is located in Bothell, Washington with 290 employees, several regional sales teams are located throughout their market base.',
        font: PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.helvetica, 12));
    //Draw the paragraph text on page and maintain the position in PdfLayoutResult
    PdfLayoutResult layoutResult = textElement.draw(
        page: page,
        bounds: Rect.fromLTWH(0, 150, page.getClientSize().width,
    //Assign header text to PdfTextElement
    textElement.text = 'Top 5 sales stores';
    //Assign standard font to PdfTextElement
    textElement.font = PdfStandardFont(PdfFontFamily.helvetica, 14,
        style: PdfFontStyle.bold);
    //Draw the header text on page, below the paragraph text with a height gap of 20 and maintain the position in PdfLayoutResult
    layoutResult = textElement.draw(
        page: page,
        bounds: Rect.fromLTWH(0, layoutResult.bounds.bottom + 20, 0, 0))!;
    //Initialize PdfGrid for drawing the table
    PdfGrid grid = PdfGrid();
    grid.columns.add(count: 3);
    PdfGridRow header = grid.headers[0];
    header.cells[0].value = 'ID';
    header.cells[1].value = 'Name';
    header.cells[2].value = 'Salary';
    PdfGridRow row1 = grid.rows.add();
    row1.cells[0].value = 'E01';
    row1.cells[1].value = 'Clay';
    row1.cells[2].value = '\$10,000';
    PdfGridRow row2 = grid.rows.add();
    row2.cells[0].value = 'E02';
    row2.cells[1].value = 'Thomas';
    row2.cells[2].value = '\$10,500';
    PdfGridRow row3 = grid.rows.add();
    row3.cells[0].value = 'E02';
    row3.cells[1].value = 'Simon';
    row3.cells[2].value = '\$12,000';
    //Draws the grid
        page: page,
        bounds: Rect.fromLTWH(0, layoutResult.bounds.bottom + 20, 0, 0));
    //Saves the document
    File('Output.pdf').writeAsBytes(await document.save());
    //Disposes the document