Accessibility with Flutter Calendar (SfCalendar)

The SfCalendar can easily be accessed by screen readers. Please find the following table for inner elements.

Month view

View Format Example
Month cell EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy Thursday the 2nd of January 2020
No events EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy, No events Wednesday the 15th of January 2020, No events
No selected dates No selected date No selected date

TimeSlot view

View Format Example
Timeslot view hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy 11AM the 28th of January 2020
All day expander icons Expand all day panelCollapse all day panel Expand all day sectionCollapse all day section
All day expander view + appointment Count +3


View Format Example
Normal appointment Subject hh mm a – hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy Yoga therapy 10AM to 11AM the 29th of January 2020
Month agenda view appointment Subject hh mm a – hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy Plan execution 9AM to 11AM the 23rd January 2020
All day appointment Subject All day General meeting all day
Spanning appointment Subject hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy - hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy General meeting 12AM the 23rd of January 2020 – 1AM the 30th of January 2020


View Format Example
Header MMMM yyyy January 2020
Timeline week header dd/MMMM to dd/MMMM/yyyy 15th of January to 21th January 2020
Timeline workweek header dd/MMMM to dd/MMMM/yyyy 16th of January to 20th January 2020
Month view header EEE Monday
TimeSlot view header EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy Wednesday the 29th of January 2020