Accessibility with Flutter Calendar (SfCalendar)

26 Mar 2020 / 3 minutes to read

The SfCalendar can easily be accessed by screen readers. Please find the following table for inner elements.

Month view

View Format Example
Month cell EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy Thursday the 2nd of January 2020
No events EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy, No events Wednesday the 15th of January 2020, No events
No selected dates No selected date No selected date

TimeSlot view

View Format Example
Timeslot view hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy 11AM the 28th of January 2020
All day expander icons Expand all day panelCollapse all day panel Expand all day sectionCollapse all day section
All day expander view + appointment Count +3


View Format Example
Normal appointment Subject hh mm a – hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy Yoga therapy 10AM to 11AM the 29th of January 2020
Month agenda view appointment Subject hh mm a – hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy Plan execution 9AM to 11AM the 23rd January 2020
All day appointment Subject All day General meeting all day
Spanning appointment Subject hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy - hh mm a dd/MMMM/yyyy General meeting 12AM the 23rd of January 2020 – 1AM the 30th of January 2020


View Format Example
Header MMMM yyyy January 2020
Timeline week header dd/MMMM to dd/MMMM/yyyy 15th of January to 21th January 2020
Timeline workweek header dd/MMMM to dd/MMMM/yyyy 16th of January to 20th January 2020
Month view header EEE Monday
TimeSlot view header EEE, dd/MMMM/yyyy Wednesday the 29th of January 2020