13 Jun 20231 minute to read

The Kanban control for ASP.NET MVC is an efficient way to visualize the workflow at each stage along its path to completion. The most important features available are Swim lane, filtering, and editing.

Some important features of the Kanban control are:

  • DataSource - Bind the Kanban control with an array of JSON objects or ej.DataManager which support OData and remote web service binding.
  • Swim lane – Supports Swim lane grouping.
  • Filters – Supports filtering based on user Query.
  • Editing - Offers card editing, inserting, and deleting using Dialog.
  • Card template - Offers to render the card based on user template.
  • RTL support - Provides a full-fledged right-to-left mode which aligns content in the Kanban control from right to left.
  • Localization - Provides inherent support to localize the UI.