Essential AutoComplete for Xamarin.Forms provides a simpler way to complete the text based on the characters that the user has entered before. It also provides option to choose a suggestion from drop down or append a suggestion to the text directly.

Key Features

  • AutoComplete modes - AutoComplete provides 3 different ways to display the filtered suggestions. They are displaying suggestion through drop down list, appending the first suggestion to text and both of these.

  • Suggestion modes - Suggestions can be filtered in 9 different modes, like StartsWith, EndWith, Contains, Equals, Custom etc. AutoComplete provides both case sensitive and insensitive modes.

  • Watermark - Supports explanatory text inside AutoComplete control until the user inputs text. Watermark is restored again if user clears the text in control.

  • Popup delay & Minimum prefix characters - Filtering process can be delayed by providing the minimum character count, after which AutoComplete starts giving suggestions. Displaying the filtered suggestions through drop down list can also be delayed for some time duration.

  • Customization support - AutoComplete provide options to customize both the Entry and Suggestion drop down.