Zooming in Xamarin Image Editor (SfImageEditor)

29 Sep 20232 minutes to read

The image editor control provides support to zoom and pan actions over an image.

The following properties are used for zooming feature of the image editor control:

  • EnableZooming
  • Maximum ZoomLevel
  • PanningMode

Enable zooming

You can enable or disable the zooming functionality by setting the EnableZooming value to true or false. By default, the EnableZooming value is set to true.

<imageeditor:SfImageEditor  EnableZooming="false"/>
editor.EnableZooming = false;

Zoom level

Programmatically, you can zoom the loaded image without any interaction by setting a value to ZoomLevel property. At the same time, you can get the information about whether the image is zoomed or not by accessing the IsImageZoomed property in image editor.

<editor:SfImageEditor x:Name="editor" Source="{Binding Image}" ImageLoaded="SfImageEditor_ImageLoaded"/>
SfImageEditor editor = new SfImageEditor();
            editor.Source = ImageSource.FromResource("XFormsUG.RoadView.jpeg");
            editor.ImageLoaded += SfImageEditor_ImageLoaded;
            this.Content = editor;
        private void SfImageEditor_ImageLoaded(object sender, ImageLoadedEventArgs args)
            editor.ZoomLevel = 3;

Maximum zoom level

You can set the maximum zoom level to image using the MaximumZoomLevel property.

<imageeditor:SfImageEditor EnableZooming="true"  MaximumZoomLevel="8"/>
editor.EnableZooming = true;
     editor.MaximumZoomLevel = 8;

Panning mode

The image editor control provides support for panning and allows to pan the image with two fingers or single finger by setting the PanningMode.

The following properties are used for panning:

  • SingleFinger: Zooms or pans the image with single finger, but shapes and text selection cannot be performed with this mode.
  • TwoFinger: Zooms or pans the image with two finger. The shapes and text selection can be performed with this mode.

By default, the PanningMode value is set to TwoFinger.

<imageeditor:SfImageEditor  EnableZooming="true" PanningMode="TwoFinger"/>
editor.PanningMode = PanningMode.TwoFinger;

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