Shapes in Xamarin Image Editor (SfImageEditor)

You can annotate any shapes over an image using the AddShape method. The following shapes are available in image editor:

  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • Arrow
  • Path

Selecting a shape type

The ShapeType is an enum property with values Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, and Path. You can give the desired shape type as an argument to the AddShape method.

  • c#
  • editor.AddShape(ShapeType.Circle);

    Customizing a shape with pen settings

    You can customize the appearance of each shape using the PenSettings property:


    The PenSettings property consists of the following properties:

    • Color: Specifies the desired stroke color to a shape.
    • FillColor: Specifies the desired fill color to a shape.
    • StrokeWidth: Allows to denote the stroke width for the desired shape.
    • Mode: Determines whether the shape color mode is Fill or Stroke. It is an enum value.
    • Opacity: Denotes opacity for the desired shapes.
    • Bounds: Allows to set frame for the newly added shapes (rectangle and circle). You can position the shapes wherever you want on the image.In percentage, the value of the shape frame should fall between 0 and 100.


    The FillColor property is applicable only if the ShapeType is Rectangle or Circle.

    • To add a rectangle, circle, or arrow over an image, specify the ShapeType and the desired PenSettings as shown in the following code snippet.
    editor.AddShape(ShapeType.Circle, new PenSettings() {Color = Color.Red, Mode= Mode.Stroke, Opacity=1f, Bounds = new Rectangle(20,20,35,35)});


    • You can annotate any path on an image using free hand drawing as shown in the following code snippet.
    editor.AddShape(ShapeType.Path, new PenSettings() { StrokeWidth = 10 });


    Deleting a shape or text from view

    You can delete the selected shape by using the Delete method as shown in the following code snippet.



    You cannot delete the path.

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