Export Chart To PDF in WPF Chart (Classic)

5 May 20211 minute to read

Essential Chart for WPF now comes with the support to export the chart to a PDF file; this conversion can be done using the Syncfusion.ChartConversion.WPF assembly.


Method Description Parameters Type Return Type
ChartPdfConverter Converts chart to PDF file. Chart, Filename ChartString Void
  1. Open the WPF sample browser
  2. Select the Chart product
  3. Select Chart > Export and Import > Chart to PDF

Adding Support to Convert a Chart to PDF to an Application

The following steps explain how to convert a chart to PDF.

  1. Create a new Visual Studio 2010 or 2008 project.
  2. Add the following assemblies to the project:
    1. Syncfusion.Chart.WPF.dll
    2. Syncfusion.ChartConverter.WPF.dll


  3. Create a chart to be exported to PDF. Use the following code to convert the chart to a PDF file.

                 ChartPdfConverterControl control = new ChartPdfConverterControl();
                 control.ChartPdfConverter(Chart1, "chartpdf.pdf");
  4. The PDF file is generated as follows.