Chart and ChartArea Legends in WPF Chart (Classic)

5 May 20211 minute to read

Legend Label

Essential Chart allows you to customize the legend icon of a chart. You can change the legend Icon of a chart legend by using the options provided. The legend icons can be represented in two ways:

  • It can be set as a symbol.
  • It can be set as the chart icon (in case of chart series).

The LegendIcon property is used to set the required icon.

  • If LegendIcon property is set to a symbol, it will be displayed as the selected legend icon.
  • If LegendIcon property is set to the SeriesType, the corresponding chart icon will be displayed as legend icon.


The following table provides more information on the property used.

Property Description Type Value Returned
LegendIcon The legend icon is displayed according to the option selected.  Dependency Enum(ChartLegenIcon)


The following table provides more information on the event used.

Event Event Trigger Event Args Purpose
LegendIconChanged The event is triggered by calling a method when the value of LegendIcon is changed. OnLegendIconChanged The Icon is changed whenever the value for LegendIcon property changes.


The following table provides more information on the method used.

Method Parameters Return Type Description
UpdateLegendIcon ChartSeries Void Updation of the legend icon with a new icon.

Customizing Legend Icon

The legend icon can be customized by using the following code exaples.

  1. Using XAML

                 <syncfusion:ChartLegend Name="chrtlgnd" BorderThickness="0.5" ></syncfusion:ChartLegend>
                 <syncfusion:ChartSeries Name="SeriesA" LegendIcon="Circle" Type="Bar" BindingPathX="FruitName"
                 BindingPathsY="Price,NumberOfFruits,FruitID,Year" Label="Series A" Stroke="#FF000000" StrokeThickness="0.5" ></syncfusion:ChartSeries>
  2. Using C#

                 Chart1.Areas[0].Series[0].LegendIcon = ChartLegendIcon.Circle;

    Run the code. The following output is displayed.