Expand and Collapse in WinUI TreeView

The TreeView allows you to expand and collapse the nodes either by user interaction on the nodes or by programmatically.

Expand Action Trigger

Expanding and collapsing of nodes can be performed either by tapping the expander view or in both expander view and content view by setting the ExpandActionTrigger property.

<syncfusion:SfTreeView x:Name="treeView"  ExpandActionTrigger="Node" />
// Expands by tapping both expander view and content view.
treeView.ExpandActionTrigger = ExpandActionTrigger.Node;

Auto Expand Mode

By default, the Treeview items will be in collapsed state. You can define how the nodes to be expanded while loading the TreeView by using AutoExpandMode property.

The AutoExpandMode property is only applicable for bound mode. For Unbound mode, you need to set IsExpanded property to true while creating the nodes, to be in expanded state while loading the TreeView.

  • None : All items are collapsed when loaded.
  • RootNodes : Expands only the root item when loaded.
  • AllNodes : Expands all the items when loaded.

Programmatic Expand and Collapse

The TreeView allows programmatic expand and collapse based on the TreeViewNode and level by using following methods.

// Expands all the nodes of root level '0'

// Collapses all the nodes of root level '0'

// Expand a particular node.

// Collapse a particular node.

Expand and Collapse all the nodes

Expand and collapse all the TreeViewNode programmatically at runtime by using the TreeView.ExpandAll method and TreeView.CollapseAll method.

//Expands all the nodes

//Collapses all the nodes

Expand and Collapse using Keyboard

TreeView allows to expand and collapse the nodes by using right and left arrows keys. To expand a node, press the right arrow key and to collapse a node, press the left arrow key on the focused item.


TreeView exposes following events to handle expanding and collapsing of items.

The expanding and collapsing interactions can be handled with the help of NodeCollapsing and NodeExpanding events and expanded and collapsed interactions can be handled with help of NodeCollapsed and NodeExpanded events.