Windows Forms EditorsPackage Overview

29 May 20231 minute to read

TextBoxExt is a textbox derived control that can display different border colors and styles.

WindowsForms TextBox overview

Key features

The TextBoxExt is an advanced TextBox control, and it contains the following features:

Text Settings - Provides options to set selection, format, clip, and alignment of the text. The multiline text can be displayed using the control.

ToolTip - Provides options to show the text overflow indicators and overflow indicator tooltips.

Appearance Settings - Provides support to set the background and foreground of the control.

Behavior Settings - Provides options to set the maximum length of the text. The text can be displayed in the ReadOnly mode using the ReadOnly property.

Border Settings - Provides different set of border styles. The styles are Fixed3D, FixedSingle, and None. The color of the border can also be set for the control using the BorderColor property.

Layout Settings - Provides options to set the maximum and minimum sizes of the control.

Applying Themes - Provides support to different themes for the control.