Tab Navigation in Windows Forms Tabbed Form (SfTabbedForm)

26 Sep 20231 minute to read

Tabbed Form consists of a set of built-in navigation buttons such as first tab, last tab, and drop-down, which are used to navigate through the TabPages. The navigation controls can be added to the tabbed form using the TabbedFormControl.TabPrimitiveMode property.

tabbedFormControl.TabPrimitiveMode = TabPrimitiveMode.DropDown | TabPrimitiveMode.FirstTab | TabPrimitiveMode.LastTab | TabPrimitiveMode.NextTab | TabPrimitiveMode.PreviousTab;
tabbedFormControl.TabPrimitiveMode = TabPrimitiveMode.DropDown Or TabPrimitiveMode.FirstTab Or TabPrimitiveMode.LastTab Or TabPrimitiveMode.NextTab Or TabPrimitiveMode.PreviousTab

Winforms showing the tab navigation in tabbed form

TabPrimitiveClick event

The TabPrimitiveClick event occurs when clicking the navigation button. The TabPrimitiveClickEventArgs properties provide information specific to this event.

this.tabbedFormControl.TabPrimitiveClick += TabbedFormControl_TabPrimitiveClick;

private void TabbedFormControl_TabPrimitiveClick(object sender, TabPrimitiveClickEventArgs e)
    Console.WriteLine("TabPrimitive Type:" + e.TabPrimitive.TabPrimitiveType);
Private Me.tabbedFormControl.TabPrimitiveClick += AddressOf TabbedFormControl_TabPrimitiveClick

Private Sub TabbedFormControl_TabPrimitiveClick(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As TabPrimitiveClickEventArgs)
	Console.WriteLine("TabPrimitive Type:" & e.TabPrimitive.TabPrimitiveType)
End Sub