Getting Started in Windows Forms Progress Bar (ProgressBarAdv)

13 Jul 20214 minutes to read

This section describes how to add ProgressBarAdv control in a Windows Forms application and overview of its basic functionalities.

Assembly deployment

Refer control dependencies section to get the list of assemblies or NuGet package needs to be added as reference to use the control in any application.

Please find more details regarding how to install the nuget packages in windows form application in the below link:

How to install nuget packages

Creating simple application with ProgressBarAdv

You can create the Windows Forms application with ProgressBarAdv control as follows:

  1. Creating project
  2. Adding control via designer
  3. Adding control manually using code
  4. Configure text format
  5. Configure TextAlignment

Creating the project

Create a new Windows Forms project in the Visual Studio to display the ProgressBarAdv with basic functionalities.

Adding control via designer

The ProgressBarAdv control can be added to the application by dragging it from the toolbox and dropping it in a designer view. The following required assembly references will be added automatically:

  • Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll

Adding control in windows forms progress bar

Output of adding control in windows forms progress bar

Adding control manually using code

To add control manually in C#, follow the given steps:

Step 1 - Add the following required assembly references to the project:

* Syncfusion.Shared.Base.dll

Step 2 - Include the namespaces Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools.

using Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools;
Imports Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.Tools

Step 3 - Create ProgressBarAdv control instance and add it to the form.

ProgressBarAdv progressBarAdv1 = new ProgressBarAdv();

this.progressBarAdv1.ProgressStyle = ProgressBarStyles.Office2016Colorful;

this.progressBarAdv1.Value = 60;

Dim progressBarAdv1 As ProgressBarAdv = New ProgressBarAdv()

Me.progressBarAdv1.ProgressStyle = ProgressBarStyles.Office2016Colorful

Me.progressBarAdv1.Value = 60


Adding control manually in windows forms progress bar

Configure text format

Text format of the ProgressBarAdv can be customized using TextStyle property.

Value - It represents the current value out of maximum value format.

this.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Value;
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Value

Configure text format using maximum value in windows forms progress bar

Percentage - It represents the percentage format.

this.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Percentage;
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Percentage

Configure text format using percentage symbol in windows forms progress bar

Custom - It represents the other custom format.

this.progressBarAdv1.CustomText = "Loading";
this.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Custom;
Me.progressBarAdv1.CustomText = "Loading"
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextStyle = ProgressBarTextStyles.Custom

Customized configure text format using maximum value in windows forms progress bar

Configure text alignment

Alignment of the foreground text can be modified using TextAlignment property.

Center - It represents text aligned to the center.

this.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center;
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Center

Configure text alignment center in windows forms progress bar

Left - It represents text aligned to the left.

this.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Left;
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Left

Configure text alignment left in windows forms progress bar

Right - It represents text aligned to the right.

this.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Right;
Me.progressBarAdv1.TextAlignment = TextAlignment.Right

Configure text alignment right in windows forms progress bar