Windows Forms NumericUpDown (NumericUpDownExt) Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The NumericUpDownExt control enables XP Themes look and feel for the UpDown controls that are missing in the corresponding .NET control.

Overview of Syncfusion The NumericUpDownExt

Key Features

The NumericUpDownExt is an advanced NumericUpdown control, and it contains the following features:

Value settings - Provides options to set the value to be displayed by the NumericUpDownExt control and increments or decrements the value.

Display settings - Provides options to set the decimal places with integer to the control.

Appearance settings - Supports to set the background and foreground color of the control. The foreground color can be set separately for the negative values of the control.

Behavior settings - The InterceptArrowKeys property allows users to change values using the up and down arrow key apart from the standard up and down buttons.

Alignment settings - Provides options to align the text of the control to the left, right or center. It also supports to align the up and down buttons to the left and right.

Border settings - Provides different sets of border styles to the control. The styles are FixedSingle, Fixed3D, and None. Themed border can be provided to the control using the ThemedBorder property.

Layout settings - Provides options to set the maximum and minimum sizes of the control.

Key support - Provides support for entering the large values using keyboard.

Themes and visual styles - Supports a set of visual styles to customize the look and feel of the control.