Display Settings in Windows Forms NumericUpDown (NumericUpDownExt)

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the Display settings of the NumericUpDownExt control.

The NumericUpDownExt provides the following properties to set the display characteristics associated with the integer value.

NumericUpDownExt Properties Description
DecimalPlaces Gets / sets the number of decimal places to display in the spin box (also known as an up-down control).
ThousandsSeparator Gets / sets a value indicating whether a thousand separator is displayed in the spin box (also known as an up-down control) when appropriate.
this.numericUpDownExt1.DecimalPlaces = 2;
this.numericUpDownExt1.ThousandsSeparator = true;
Me.numericUpDownExt1.DecimalPlaces = 2
Me.numericUpDownExt1.ThousandsSeparator = True