31 Jul 20171 minute to read

EjChart supports localization for its axis labels and tooltip. To render the chart with specific culture you have to refer the corresponding globalize culture script and need to specify the culture name in locale property of chart.

  • HTML
  • <head> 
    <!--Refer french globalize culture script-->
    <script src="../scripts/cultures/globalize.culture.fr-FR.min.js"></script>
        <div id="chartcontainer"></div>
        /// <reference path="tsfiles/jquery.d.ts" />
        /// <reference path="tsfiles/ej.web.all.d.ts" />
    module ChartComponent {
        $(function () {
            var chartsample = new ej.datavisualization.Chart($("#chartcontainer"), {
                      //  ...
                      //Render chart in french locale
                      locale: 'fr-FR',