Flutter Treemap (SfTreemap) Overview

5 May 20211 minute to read

Syncfusion Flutter Treemap creates a highly interactive and customizable Flutter Treemap that has features set like selection, legends, labels, tooltips, color mapping, and much more.


  • Layouts - Use different layouts based on the algorithms such as squarified, slice, and dice to represent flat and hierarchically structured data.

  • Hierarchical support - Along with the flat level, treemap supports hierarchical structure too. Each tile of the treemap is a rectangle which is filled with smaller rectangles representing sub-data.

  • Labels - Add any type of widgets (like text widget) to improve the readability of the individual tiles by providing brief descriptions on labels.

  • Selection - Allows you to select the tiles to highlight it and do any specific functionalities like showing pop-up or navigate to a different page.

  • Legend - Use different legend styles to provide information on the treemap data clearly.

  • Colors - Categorize the tiles on the treemap by customizing their color based on the levels. It is possible to set the tile color for a specific value or for a range of values.

  • Tooltip - Display additional information about the tile using a completely customizable tooltip on the treemap.

  • Custom background widgets - Add any type of custom widgets such as image widget as a background of the tiles to enrich the UI and easily visualize the type of data that a particular tile shows.