Sharing Widgets and Data sources in multi-tabbed Dashboards

Now you can use a same Data source or widget in multi-tabbed dashboards without duplicating or creating multiple instances of the data source or widgets.

For example,

You have two dashboards in your Dashboard report.

Multi tabbed dashboard

Total Sales by country widget is present in the Traders Suppliers dashboard and you want to use this widget in the Products and suppliers’ dashboard.

Switch to the Products and supplier’s dashboard drag the Totals Sales by Country widget from the WIDGETS container as shown in the below screenshot:

Second tab

Now you shared the widgets between multiple dashboards without duplicating the widget.

Shared widget

Changes in the widget will be reflected in the all dashboards if we change the properties of the shared widget.

For example, we are going to change the Range color settings of the widget.

Editing shared widget

It will be reflected in both dashboards.

Products and supplier’s dashboard:

First tab updated view

Traders Suppliers dashboard:

Second ta updated view

The same shared behavior is applicable for data sources; You can use a single data source across multiple dashboard tabs.