Compose Dashboard

Once you are ready with the formatted data source, you can start to compose a new dashboard with required filter, data visualization and/or miscellaneous widgets configured with data.

Creating a Dashboard

Run the Syncfusion Dashboard Designer application through the shortcut icon that has been placed on your desktop. After the application is launched, you can see a prompt to configure a data source first.

Add data source

You can click the Add option to select the required Connection type to add the data source into the dashboard.

New connection

Drag and drop the Dashboard widgets based on your requirements.

Creating multi tabbed Dashboard

You can start adding multiple dashboard reports in a single dashboard report by clicking the Add Dashboard icon or clicking the Add Dashboard option in the Dashboard file menu.

Add multi tab

Now the second dashboard will be created and the tab will be opened.

You can find the name of the active dashboard in the dashboard container.

Second tab

You can add any number of dashboards to the dashboard report.


You can add any number of dashboard tabs in a single dashboard report(*.sydx file).


You can also use the import existing dashboards option to create a multi-tabbed dashboards.

Creating scrollable Dashboard

You can add more number of widgets in same page by using scrollable canvas support.

Scrollable dashboard

To enable scrollable, canvas drag or resize the widgets beyond the last row of canvas.




You can add infinity number of rows to single page.