Saving a Dashboard

Syncfusion Dashboard File Format

Save the newly created dashboard in local or existing dashboard with same or different name in same or different location as Syncfusion Dashboard(*.sydx) formatted file.

The Syncfusion Dashboard(*.sydx) file holds details about dashboard reports, widget and data source configurations, images, if any bounded to image control from local, map JSON files, if any bounded to map control from local, CSV, Excel or JSON file for file based connection types like CSV, Microsoft Excel and JSON respectively.

Saving operation can be handled through the File Menu items such as, Save and Save As…

File menu

Save as option

When Save as option is used, the save file dialog will be displayed. The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + S can be used for save as option.

Save as option

The dashboard will be saved as SYDX file in the selected path with the mentioned name in the File save dialog.

Save option

When Save option is used, the existing dashboard will be updated. If saving the dashboard for the first time, this option will prompt the Save As… dialog even on clicking the Save menu item.

The keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S can be used for save as option.

Ignore the file modification

If you want to ignore the changes made to the dashboard report you can click on the New Dashboard option from the File menu and the following message will be shown.

New dashboard


You can also use the Keyboard shortcut Ctrl + N for new dashboard.

You can click on No option in the message dialog and the changes made to the existing dashboard will be ignored.

Alertbox No

If you need to quit the Dashboard designer application you can click on the Exit option from the File menu. The keyboard shortcut is Alt + F4.

Exit dashboard