Connecting data through OAuth

You can connect to the web services of popular sites like, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Instagram, Dropbox, GitHub and your own or any other OAuth services using OAuth through Web Data Source connection type. To enable this connection, you need to register Dashboard Designer application to the respective service provider with your own account details. During the registration process, you will get the Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URL utilized for data fetch.

Web data source connection window

Oauth credential window

Fill the required details in “New Connection” window and click “Get Access” button to provide login information to access your account.

Click “Connect” button to get the data from the corresponding providers and now you will be redirected to data design view window.


The Connect button is enabled only after getting the access successfully.

How to get Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URL

1.	Login with your selection provider’s development site.

2.	Create new application 

3.	Register your new application with fill the all mandatory fields they required to register the application.

4.	The Client ID and Client Secret was generated once the registration was completed.

For Example, to get Client ID, Client Secret and Redirect URL for GitHub data access

1.	Click here to register your application in GitHub development site.


2.	Login with your GitHub credential.

Github login page

3.	Fill all the required fields in the registration page.

Github registration page

4.	Click `Register application`. Once the registration completes, you will get Client ID and Client Secret.

Github client credentials


Here, the Callback URL is nothing but the Redirect URL. Redirect URL (or Callback URL) holds the token information which received from the respective Web Data Source. So you need to give a valid Redirect URL (or Callback URL) for registration.

Links for registering your application to respective OAuth service providers

      Twitter   :

      Facebook  :

      LinkedIn  :

      Google    :

      Yahoo     :

      Dropbox   :

      GitHub    :

      Instagram :