Importing Existing Dashboards

You can import the already saved dashboards by clicking on the Import Dashboard option provided in the Dashboard container.

Import Button

Now the Import Dashboard window will be opened.

Import dashboard window

Importing from computer

Using the file browser you can select the Dashboard file (.SYDX) already saved in your machine.

Import from computer

You can import dashboards from your local drive , Recent list or from dashboard server.

Importing from Server

To import the dashboards published in your Dashboard server select the Server option in the Import dashboard window.

Import from server

If you are not logged in your Dashboard server account, first login to the Server using the login option shown below.


Fill the following details and log in to the Server.

Login window

Now the dashboard files available in the list will be shown here.

Server dashboards

Expand the category you want and select the dashboard. Now click on Import button as shown in the below image:

Click import

Importing from Recent dashboard list

Recently used dashboard will be listed in the list and you can select the dashboards you want to import by clicking on the Import button.

Import from recent


If the imported dashboard has been configured using the data source that is available in the current dashboard report, the following alert message will be shown when using the existing data source without importing the redundant data source file again. If you click yes, the existing data source added in the current dashboard report will be used in the imported dashboard. Otherwise, the data source used in the imported dashboard file will be imported again.

Use existing data source