Right to left(RTL) in Xamarin ComboBox (SfComboBox)

22 Aug 20221 minute to read

SfComboBox supports to change the layout direction of the control in the right-to-left direction by setting the FlowDirection to RightToLeft or by changing the device language.

<combobox:SfComboBox FlowDirection="RightToLeft">
combobox.FlowDirection = FlowDirection.RightToLeft;

For implementing theFlowDirection in the control, Xamarin.Forms package version must be 3.0 and above. Please refer RightToLeft to get more details about RightToLeft flow direction in Xamarin.Forms.


For Android, add android:supportsRtl="true" in your application tag of AndroidManifest.xml file, and make sure your MinSDKVersion is 17+. By changing the device language / enabling the device’s Force RTL layout can achieve the RightToLeft layout direction in Calendar.

<manifest ... >
<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="17" ... />
<application ... android:supportsRtl="true">


For iOS, add the RightToLeft language in the CFBundleLocalizations section of your Info.plist file, and make sure you’re targeting iOS 9+.


info plist


For UWP, you need to set FlowDirection to RightToLeft in the MainPage.cs file of the UWP project.

public MainPage()

this.FlowDirection = FlowDirection.RightToLeft;
LoadApplication (new App ());


RTL in Xamarin.Forms ComboBox

The complete RTL sample is available in this link.