Accessibility in Xamarin ComboBox (SfComboBox)

22 Aug 20221 minute to read

The SfComboBox control has built-in AutomationId for inner elements. The AutomationId API allows the automation framework to find and interact with the inner elements of the SfComboBox control. To keep unique AutomationId, these inner elements’ AutomationIds are updated based on the control’s AutomationId.

For example, If you set SfComboBox’s AutomationId as “Employee ComboBox”, then the automation framework will interact with the drop-down button as “Employee ComboBox Dropdown Button”.

The following screenshot illustrates the AutomationIds of inner elements. The automation framework will interact with the dropdown for scrolling the items as “Employee ComboBox Dropdown”. You can also interact with the elements inside the HeaderView and FooterView with the element’s AutomationId. The Automation framework will not interact with the Input Clear Button when the MultiSelectMode is None and Delimiter mode.

AutomationId Image