WPF SfChart3D Overview

7 May 20211 minute to read

3D charts are used to view two-dimensional data in a three-dimensional view, and can be rotated in all 3 dimensions to get the best possible view of the data.

WPF Chart support SfChart3D

Key features

  • SfChart3D supports different type of Series which can be used for different data visualizations.Each type of chart represents a unique style of representing data with more user friendly and greater UI visualization.

  • Supports several axes types which can be used with the charts. There are axes specialized for Numerical, Category, DateTime, TimeSpan, Logarithmic scenarios.

  • SfChart3D supports DepthAxis (Z Axis) helps us to plot chart data based on X, Y and Z Co – ordinates.

  • Supports multiple axes that can be stacked and spanned for multiple panes.

  • Allows you to map the data from the specified path, by achieving, Data binding concept.

  • Animations allows to animate the chart series on loading, and whenever the ItemsSource changes.

  • Dynamic rotation allows to view the best possible view of data dynamically using a mouse or touch device.

  • Selection support allows to select Segment and series programmatically or user interaction.