Events in WPF Maps (SfMap)

23 Jul 20213 minutes to read

ZoomedIn - Occurs whenever zooming the map.
ZoomedOut - Occurs when zoomed out the map.
Panning - Occurs while panning the map.
Panned - Occurs after panned the map.
MapToolTipOpening - Occurs when any tooltip on the SfMap control is opened.

Tooltip opening event

MapToolTipOpening event occurs whenever you select a shape, bubble, or marker. You will get the Data and TooltipType properties as arguments from TooltipOpeningEventArgs handler, and you can cancel the event for a particular shape using the Cancel property.

<maps:SfMap MapToolTipOpening="Map_MapToolTipOpening" >
                <maps:ShapeFileLayer Uri="MapsZoom.ShapeFiles.usa_state.shp" ItemsSource="{Binding Data}" 
                                     ShapeIDPath="State" ShapeIDTableField="STATE_NAME" 
                                     EnableSelection="False" LabelPath="State">
                        <maps:ShapeSetting   ShapeStrokeThickness="1" ></maps:ShapeSetting>
                        <maps:ToolTipSetting ValuePath="Candidate" x:Name="shapeTooltipSettings" >
private void SfMaps_TooltipOpening(object sender, TooltipOpeningEventArgs e)
            if ((e.Data is MapsZoom.ElectionData) && (e.Data as MapsZoom.ElectionData).State == "North Dakota")
                e.Cancel = true;


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