Windows Forms Spreadsheet Overview

18 Jan 20223 minutes to read

The WinForms Spreadsheet is an Excel inspired control that allows you to create, edit, view and format the Microsoft Excel files without Excel installed. It provides absolute ease of use UI experience with integrated ribbon to cover any possible business scenario. Spreadsheet comes with built-in calculation engine with support for 400+ most widely used formulas.

Spreadsheet includes several advanced features like

  • Ribbon – Ribbon integrated with organically enhanced UI experience.

  • Editing and Selection-Interactive support for editing and cell selection in workbook.

  • Formulas - Provides support for 400+ most widely used formulas which any business user needs and allows you to add, remove and edit the formulas like in excel.

  • Name Manager – Supports the name ranges in the formulas. By using the name ranges, you can specify the name of the cell range, and then you can use it in the formula more easily without hassling of remembering cell locations.

  • Data validation – Provides support to ensure the data integrity by enforcing end users to enter valid data into the cells and if entered data does not meet the specified criteria, and error message is displayed.

  • Floating Cells- Provides support for floating cell mode that is when the text exceeds the length of the cell, it will float the text to the adjacent cell.

  • Merge Cells - Merge two or more adjacent cells into a single cell and display the contents of one cell in the merged cell.

  • Conditional Formatting- Provides support for excel compatible conditional formatting and allows you to apply formats to a cell or range of cells depending on the value of cells or formula that meet specific criteria. Also provides support to define and import the conditional formatting rules such as Data Bars, Icon Sets and Color Scales options which are used to visualize the data.

  • Cell Comments- Supports comments that provide additional information about a cell such as what the value represents. And it would be useful if you want the end users to understand the data in the cells more deeply.

  • Hyperlinks and Bookmarks- Provides support to import, create, and edit hyperlinks and bookmarks. The hyperlink is a convenient way to navigate or browse data within a worksheet or other worksheets in a workbook.

  • Undo/Redo - Provides support to undo or redo the changes that you have made in the workbook.

  • Clipboard Operations – Provides support for Cut/Copy/Paste Operations in Spreadsheet.

  • Fill Series – Provides support to automatically fill cells with data that follows or completes a pattern.

  • Freeze panes – Provides support to freeze rows/columns.

  • Resizing and Hiding – Provides interactive support to resize or hide/unhide the rows and columns.

  • Charts, Pictures and Textboxes - Provides support to import Charts, Pictures and Textboxes.

  • Sparklines – Provides support to import Sparklines.

  • Outlines - Provides support to group or ungroup rows and columns.

  • Workbook and Worksheet Protection- Provides support to protect the worksheet and also supports to lock-down the structure and window of workbook, which enables you to prevent workbook from any structural change or from any change in size.

  • Conversion – Provides support to export the workbook to PDF, HTML, Image and CSV.

  • Zooming – Provides support to zoom in and zoom out of the worksheet view.

  • Localization - Provides support to localize all the static text in a Ribbon and all dialogs to any desired language.

  • Supported file types - Ability to import the different types of excel which are XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLT, XLTX, CSV(Comma delimited) respectively.


You can also explore our WinForms Spreadsheet example that shows you how to render and configure the Spreadsheet.