Windows Forms NavigationView Overview

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

NavigationView provides a unique interface that can expand a menu structure, that uses the Breadcrumbs technique to keep track of locations and folders.Its enables users to keep track of their location within programs or documents. Breadcrumbs provides a trail for the user to get back to the starting/entry point of a folder.

Key features

  • Image - Provides options to set images for each Parent Bar as well as Child Bar.

  • History settings - Provides options to drop-down the History of the previously visited locations and provides options to show/hide the History Button.

  • Visual style - Provides options to customize the look and feel using visual styles such as Metro, Office2007 and Vista.

  • Right to left - Provides options to set RightToLeft alignment.

  • Custom buttons - Provides options to add Custom buttons into NavigationView.

  • Edit mode - Supports Edit Mode for quick navigation.