Windows Forms MaskedTextBox (MaskedEditBox) Overview

14 Jun 20211 minute to read

The MaskedEditBox control is an edit control that provides an easy and reliable way of collecting user input and displaying standard data in specific formats from any data source. Some of the common uses of the MaskedEditBox controls are IP Addressed it control, Phone Number edit control and Social Security edit control.

Overview of Syncfusion MaskedEditBox

If you define an input mask using the Mask property, each character position in the MaskedEditBox control maps to either a placeholder of a specified type or a literal character. Literal characters, or literals, can give visual cues about the type of data being used. For example, the parentheses surrounding the area code of a telephone number are literals: (919).

MaskedEditBox control exhibits the similar properties of CurrencyTextBox.

Key Features

Mode - Provides support to different set of modes. The modes are ClipMode, InputMode, and UsageMode.

Separator - Provides a different set of separators for the control. The separators are DateSeparator, DecimalSeparator, ThousandSeparator, and TimeSeparator.

DataGroups - Provides options to set the alignment and split up the text.