Behavior Settings in Windows Forms Integer TextBox

28 Apr 20211 minute to read

The behavior settings of the IntegerTextBox control are discussed below.

Negative key settings

The integer value of the IntegerTextBox can be reset or changed to a negative value using the properties given below.

this.integerTextBox1.DeleteSelectionOnNegative = true;
this.integerTextBox1.NegativeInputPendingOnSelectAll = true;
Me.integerTextBox1.DeleteSelectionOnNegative = True
Me.integerTextBox1.NegativeInputPendingOnSelectAll = True


The AllowLeadingZeros property can be used to include zeros before the beginning value of the integer value of the control.

this.integerTextBox1.AllowLeadingZeros = true;
Me.integerTextBox1.AllowLeadingZeros = True