Behavior Settings in Windows Forms Integer TextBox (Integertextbox)

28 Apr 2021 / 1 minute to read

The behavior settings of the IntegerTextBox control are discussed below.

Negative key settings

The integer value of the IntegerTextBox can be reset or changed to a negative value using the properties given below.

this.integerTextBox1.DeleteSelectionOnNegative = true;
this.integerTextBox1.NegativeInputPendingOnSelectAll = true;
Me.integerTextBox1.DeleteSelectionOnNegative = True
Me.integerTextBox1.NegativeInputPendingOnSelectAll = True


The AllowLeadingZeros property can be used to include zeros before the beginning value of the integer value of the control.

this.integerTextBox1.AllowLeadingZeros = true;
Me.integerTextBox1.AllowLeadingZeros = True