Windows Forms GradientPanelExt Overview

11 Oct 20221 minute to read

The GradientPanelExt is an enhanced version of the GradientPanel control. The GradientPanelExt borders can be rounded to any extent as needed. The control also supports hosting of primitives in any of the panel borders. These primitives cover a wide range from text to any .NET control. The gradient colors applied to the GradientPanelExt can be applied to the primitives also. These are no limitations on the number of these primitives.

Overview of Syncfusion GradientPanelExt

Key Features

  • Styles - Provides different set of styles to the background. The styles are Pattern, Solid, Gradient, and None.

  • Gradient Style - Provides different sets of styles to the Gradient. The styles are None, ForwardDiagonal, BackwardDiagonal, Horizontal, Vertical, PathRectangle, and PathEllipse.

  • Primitives - Provides option to add different types of primitives in the borders. The types are Collapse, Image, Text, and Host.