Windows Forms Gradient Label Overview

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

The GradientLabel class provides a way to create fancy and appealing labels in your forms.

The GradientLabel class is fully compatible with the Windows Forms label that it derives from and gets most of its uniqueness from the BrushInfo class that is used for the GradientLabel.BackgroundColor property.

The GradientLabel.Border3DStyle is another property that can specify the look and feel of the GradientLabel.

Overview of the Syncfusion GradientLabel

The .NET Framework provides a label control typically used to provide descriptive text for a control. The GradientLabel control provides an easy way to display labels with attractive shades and backgrounds.

Key features

Styles - Provides different set of styles to the control. The styles are Pattern, Solid, Gradient, and None.

Gradient Style - Provides different sets of styles to the Gradient. The styles are None, ForwardDiagonal, BackwardDiagonal, Horizontal, Vertical, PathRectangle, and PathEllipse.


All the other functions of the GradientLabel is the same as the System.Windows.Forms.Label control in the Windows Forms library.