Style Settings in Windows Forms Folder Browser

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

The various options of the Style property are described below.

  • RestrictToFilesystem - Restricts selection to file system directories.
  • RestrictToSubfolders - Returns only file system ancestors.
  • RestrictToDomain - Excludes network folders below the domain level.
  • BrowseForComputer - Displays only computers.
  • BrowseForEverything - Displays files as well as folders.
  • BrowseForPrinter - Displays only printers.
  • NewDialogStyle - Uses the new resizable folder selection dialog.
  • AllowUrls - Displays URLs. ‘NewDialogStyle’ and ‘BrowseForEverything’ must be set along with this flag.
  • ShowAdministrativeShares - Displays administrative shares existing on the remote system.
  • ShowShares - Displays shareable resources existing on the remote system.
  • ShowTextBox - Displays textbox in the FolderBrowser Dialog.
  • StatusText - Includes status area in the dialog box. StatusText can be specified in the FolderBrowserCallBack event handler. This style does not apply to ‘NewDialogStyle’.
  • UAHint - Adds an usage hint to the folder dialog. It can be applied only with ‘NewDialogStyle’.
  • Validate - Typing invalid name in the textbox triggers FolderBrowserCallBack event.
this.folderBrowser1.Style = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.FolderBrowserStyles.ShowTextBox;
Me.folderBrowser1.Style = Syncfusion.Windows.Forms.FolderBrowserStyles.ShowTextBox


A sample which demonstrates the Style Settings of FolderBrowser is available in the below sample installation path.

…_My Documents\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio\Version Number\Windows\Tools.Windows\Samples\Advanced Editor Functions\ActionGroupingDemo_