Spinbutton in Windows Forms Domain UpDown (DomainUpdownExt)

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section will discuss the properties which controls the alignment and orientation of the spin button in a DomainUpDownExt control.

Spin button


The spin button orientation can be changed to vertical or horizontal using the SpinOrientation property.

//Spin button will be oriented horizontally.
this.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation =Orientation.Horizontal;

//Spin button will be oriented vertically.
this.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation =Orientation.Vertical;
'SpinButton will be oriented horizontally.
Me.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation = Orientation.Horizontal

'SpinButton will be oriented vertically.
Me.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation = Orientation.Vertical



The spin button alignment can be set through UpDownAlign property. By default it is set to right.

this.domainUpDownExt1.UpDownAlign =LeftRightAlignment.Left;
Me.domainUpDownExt1.UpDownAlign =LeftRightAlignment.Left