Spin button in Windows Forms Domain UpDown (DomainUpdown next)

27 Apr 20211 minute to read

This section will discuss the properties which controls the alignment and orientation of the spin button in a DomainUpDownExt control.

Spin button


The spin button orientation can be changed to vertical or horizontal using the SpinOrientation property.

//Spin button will be oriented horizontally.
this.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation =Orientation.Horizontal;

//Spin button will be oriented vertically.
this.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation =Orientation.Vertical;
'SpinButton will be oriented horizontally.
Me.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation = Orientation.Horizontal

'SpinButton will be oriented vertically.
Me.domainUpDownExt1.SpinOrientation = Orientation.Vertical



The spin button alignment can be set through UpDownAlign property. By default it is set to right.

this.domainUpDownExt1.UpDownAlign =LeftRightAlignment.Left;
Me.domainUpDownExt1.UpDownAlign =LeftRightAlignment.Left