Windows Forms ComboDropDown Appearance

15 Jun 20211 minute to read

This section discusses the appearance settings for ComboDropDown control.

Border Styles

The below properties lets you set 3D border style for the control.

Properties Description
Border3DStyle Sets the 3D border style for the control. The options are,
  • RaisedOuter

  • RaisedInner

  • SunkenOuter

  • SunkenInner

  • Raised

  • Sunken

  • Etched

  • Flat

  • Adjust

  • Bump

FlatStyle property should be set to Standard to effect this settings.
BorderSides Specifies the sides of the control which should have border.
FlatStyle Specifies the flat style to be applied to the ComboDropDown control. The styles are,Flat - The control and the button appear flat.System - Appearance based on the OS used andStandard - The control and button appears three-dimensional.
FlatBorderColor Specifies the border color for the control, when FlatStyle is set to "Flat".
this.comboDropDown1.Border3DStyle = System.Windows.Forms.Border3DStyle.RaisedInner;
this.comboDropDown1.BorderSides = System.Windows.Forms.Border3DSide.All;
Me.comboDropDown1.Border3DStyle = System.Windows.Forms.Border3DStyle.RaisedInner
Me.comboDropDown1.BorderSides = System.Windows.Forms.Border3DSide.All

Border styles in Windows Forms ComboDropDown


ComboDropDown.Style property should be set to Default to effect the above settings.

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