Windows Forms ComboBoxAdv(Classic) Overview

30 May 20231 minute to read

ComboBoxAdv is an advanced combo box control that provides a similar object model as the Framework of the ComboBox control, with a lot of additional features. ComboBoxAdv is inherited from ComboBoxBaseDataBound, derived from ComboBoxBase control.

Based on the ComboBoxBase control, the ComboBoxAdv pre-binds a list box in its drop-down area and includes some additional API to provide a Framework combo box-like object model and data binding support. Written from scratch, this control exposes the text box and the list box controls used internally to let you customize the different parts of the control.

Overview of ComboBox control in WindowsForms

Key Features

ComboBoxAdv is an advanced ComboBox control that contains the following features.

  • You can set 3D border styles and flat styles for ComboBoxAdv control.
  • You can set images for ComboBoxAdv control items.
  • AutoComplete functionality can be provided.
  • You can bind the ComboBoxAdv to any external datasource. See DataBinding.
  • You can set visual styles to enrich your application.

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