MultiColumn Dropdown in Windows Forms AutoComplete

26 Apr 20212 minutes to read

The AutoComplete allows you to display multiple columns of information. The columns can be configured using the following properties:


The Columns property specifies a collection of columns in the AutoComplete dropdown when the AutoCompleteModes enumerator value is AutoSuggest. Each column is represented by an AutoCompleteDataColumnInfo object. This class includes a definition for specifying whether the column is the matching column or the image column.

Column configuration

The information needed for setting the attributes of a column in the drop-down list of the AutoComplete is handled using AutoCompleteDataColumnInfo. It specifies the appearance and behavior of each column that should be visible. The AutoCompleteDataColumnInfo properties are as follows.

AutoCompleteDataColumn properties Description


Represents the text for the column header.


Indicates whether the column that this item represents to be treated as the matching column.


Indicates whether the column that this item represents to be treated as the image column.


Sets minimum width for the column.


Shows or hides the column at run time.

Showing image in column

You can add a drop-down item with image to the AutoComplete popup.

An image list should be set to the ImageList property of AutoComplete component, and the ImageColumn property should be set to true for displaying images in the column. Specify the item text and the image index in the AddHistoryItem method.

this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.ColumnHeaderText = "Flag";
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.ImageColumn = true;
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.MatchingColumn = false;
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.Visible = true;

this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.ColumnHeaderText = "Country";
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.ImageColumn = false;
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.MatchingColumn = false;
this.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.Visible = true;


// Add Images in the image list and set to this property.

this.autoComplete1.ImageList = this.imageList;

this.autoComplete1.AddHistoryItem("USA", 0);
this.autoComplete1.AddHistoryItem("China", 1);
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.ColumnHeaderText = "Flag"
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.ImageColumn = True
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.MatchingColumn = False
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo1.Visible = True

Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.ColumnHeaderText = "Country"
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.ImageColumn = False
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.MatchingColumn = True
Me.autoCompleteDataColumnInfo2.Visible = True


'Add Images in the image list and set to this property.
Me.autoComplete1.ImageList = Me.imageList

Me.autoComplete1.AddHistoryItem("USA", 0)

Me.autoComplete1.AddHistoryItem("China", 1)

Winforms AutoComplete setting images in item lost

A sample that demonstrates showing image in a column using data table is available here.