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Localization in pivot chart

You can localize the pivot chart controls text with a collection of localized strings by using the “ej.PivotChart.Locale” for different cultures. By default, the pivot chart control is localized in “en-US”.

Following code example illustrates how to localize the pivot chart based on “French” culture:

  • <ej-pivot-chart id="PivotChart1" locale="fr-FR">
        <e-size width="950px" height="460px"></e-size>
    <script type="text/javascript">
        ej.PivotChart.Locale["fr-FR"] = {
            Measure: "Mesure",
            Row: "Rangée",
            Column: "Colonne",
            Value: "Valeur",
            Expand: "Développer",
            Collapse: "Effondrement",
            Exit: "Quitter"

    Following table localizes the in-built keywords to “French” culture for the pivot chart:

    Measure “Mesure”
    Row "Rangée "
    Column "Colonne”
    Value " Valeur "
    Expand " Développer "
    Collapse " Effondrement "
    Exit “Quitter "

    Localization and globalization of cube info (OLAP)

    The content displayed within the pivot chart control is obtained from the OLAP cube.

    • To get localized data from OLAP cube, set the “Locale Identifier” in the connection string to a specific culture in the “data” property present in the “e-data-source”.
    • To bind the globalized content in pivot chart control, set the “locale” property to a specific culture and refer to specific culture file in the sample.


    Culture files are present under “[installed drive]:\Users\ [user name]\AppData\Local\Syncfusion\EssentialStudio\X.X.X.X\Web\Samples\Web\Scripts\cultures”.

  • //1036 refers to “fr-FR” culture.
    <ej-pivot-chart id="PivotChart1" locale="fr-FR" load="loadTheme">
        <e-data-source catalog="Adventure Works DW 2008 SE" cube="Adventure Works" data="//bi.syncfusion.com/olap/msmdpump.dll;Locale Identifier=1036;"></e-data-source>
        <e-size width="100%" height="460px"></e-size>

    Localization support in ASP NET Core pivot chart control