11 Feb 20191 minute to read

Built-in themes

Following are the built-in themes available in the pivot chart:

  • Flat light
  • Gradient light
  • Gradient dark
  • Azure
  • Azure dark
  • lime
  • Lime dark
  • Saffron
  • Saffron dark
  • Gradient light
  • Gradient dark
  • High contrast 01
  • High contrast 02
  • Material
  • Office365
  • Boot strap

By using the theme property, you can set the desired theme in the pivot chart. By default, the “Flat Light” theme is applied to the pivot chart.

  • //Using gradient theme
    <ej-pivot-chart id="PivotChart1" theme="LimeDark"></ej-pivot-chart>

    ASP NET Core pivot chart control rendered with built-in theme

    Pivot chart - area customization

    Border customization

    To customize the pivot chart border, use border property in the pivot chart.

  • //Customize the chart border and opacity
    <ej-pivot-chart id="PivotChart1" border-width="2" border-color="#FF0000"></ej-pivot-chart>

    Border customization for ASP NET Core pivot chart control


    You can enable the animation by using the enable-animation property under e-common-series-options of the pivot chart control. This animates the chart series on two occasions - when the chart is loaded for the first time and when the series type is changed by using the type property.

  • <ej-pivot-chart id="PivotChart1">
        <e-common-series-options enable-animation="true"></e-common-series-options>
        //Enabling animation in series
        <e-size width="100%" height="460px"></e-size>