Range in Xamarin Range Slider (SfRangeSlider)

4 Aug 20222 minutes to read

The SfRangeSlider control supports to select range of value by using two Thumbs.

Set Show Range

The ShowRange property should be set to true for displaying two thumbs in track with range of values.


When this property is set to false, single thumb is displayed without any range

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider" ShowRange="true"/>
rangeSlider.ShowRange= true;

Set Range values

This section explains about setting Range start and end value.


Gets and sets the start value of the range.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider"  RangeStart="4" />


Gets and sets the end value of the range.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider" RangeEnd="20" />


The ValueChangeMode property changes the value based on the touch of the SfRangeSlider control. It consists of the following two types


The default value of the ValueChangeMode property is Default.


The value is updated when you touch inside the control.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider"  ValueChangeMode="Default" />
rangeSlider.ValueChangeMode = ValueChangeMode.Default;


The value is updated when you touch or move the thumb/knob.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider"  ValueChangeMode="OnThumb" />
rangeSlider.ValueChangeMode = ValueChangeMode.OnThumb;


Gets or sets the range value, which ranges between Minimum and Maximum. The default value of RangeSlider is 0.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider" Minimum="0" Maximum="100" Value="30"/>
rangeslider.Value = 30;

Range value in SfRangeSlider in Xamarin.Forms

Allow drag range.

Enable or disable the drag options to change a value of the ranges by using the AllowDragRange property.

<range:SfRangeSlider x:Name="rangeslider" AllowDragRange = "True" ShowRange = "True"  Minimum="0" Maximum="100" Value="30"/>
rangeslider.AllowDragRange = true;

Allow Drag Range in SfRangeSlider in Xamarin.Forms