WPF Tabbed MDI Form (DocumentContainer) Overview

7 May 20211 minute to read

A DocumentContainer is a control that is used for holding the documents, controls and panels inside it. Using a DocumentContainer you can create interfaces like MDI and TDI, which can make the end-user to create easily navigable applications. This help section will demonstrate all the important properties of the DocumentContainer that will help the end-user to know about all the available features.


  • Provides options for both MDI and TDI container mode.
  • Various window switching styles. CTRL+TAB keyboard shortcut is used to easily navigate through the windows.
  • Skins support.
  • State persistence; the document container is used to load and save data in IS, BIN, and XML.
  • A large set of properties, methods, and events for easy customization.
  • Resizing and moving the DocumentContainer using the keyboard.