WPF Olap Chart Overview

6 May 20211 minute to read

An OLAP chart control is a lightweight control that allows you to efficiently visualize multi-dimensional data from the OLAP data source with the help of a report bound to it.

Key features

  • Multi-level drill up or down: Enables you to visualize a multi-level data in the chart. You can drill up or drill down the hierarchies natively.
  • KPI: Allows you to visualize the KPI status, trend, goal, and value in different chart types.
  • Appearance: Enables you to customize the area, axes, series, legends, and chart types easily.
  • Zooming and Scrolling: Allows you to zoom and scroll across the chart.
  • Tooltip: Allows you to visualize the data point-related values in a form of tooltips.
  • Exporting: Allows you to export the OLAP chart into various formats such as PDF, Word, and image formats.
  • Printing: Allows you to customize and print in color mode or black and white.