WPF Navigation Drawer (SfNavigationDrawer) Overview

The NavigationDrawer is a sliding panel menu that allows you to navigate between major application modules. It is usually in hidden state, and appears when you drag the screen from any of the four edges or tap the app icon, if available.

Overview image of NavigationDrawer


Use case scenarios

The Navigation Drawers are used in applications where navigating to the major module or page is a basic requirement. The Navigation Drawer is available in the following apps that signify the importance of navigating through pages:

  1. Facebook
  2. Play Store
  3. e-Commerce Apps
  4. Banking Apps

Key features

  • Pane positions: Supports pane position in all four directions such as Left, Right, Top, and Bottom.

  • Animated transitions: Supports opening/closing of pane due to the transition SlideOnTop, Push, and Reveal.

  • Changeable swipe sensitivity: Flexible for the users to update touch threshold based on their device screen size.