WinUI Chart (SfFunnelChart) Overview

27 Jul 20211 minute to read

Syncfusion WinUI Funnel Chart (SfFunnelChart) is used to create the beautiful funnel series to analyze the various stages in a process, which are used in high quality WinUI applications.

Funnel Chart in WinUI Chart

Key features

  • It supports funnel series for more user-friendly data representation and greater UI visualization.

  • User interaction features such as selection, tooltip, and exploding segments are included in the funnel chart for enhancing end-user experience.

  • Legends provide more information about the segments. The legend can also be used to collapse the segments. If an item exceeds the available bounds, the legends can be wrapped or scrolled.

  • Provides various options for customizing and visualizing the chart features, title, data labels, legends, segment spacing, etc.